Welcome to my blog!

First a little background info about me, especially for those who don’t know me. I’m an academic, with a PhD in medieval studies. In particular, I work on language and literature of the middle ages, especially Anglo-Saxon England. I count among my interests linguistics, cognitive science, and history.

This blog will be kept strictly for my ideas. (I also have a more personal blog where I’ll post about myself and my life, that is, if I feel moved to. I’m not sure yet if I’ll post there that often.) Basically, this blog is a sounding board for all the little ideas floating about in my head, which I have no other immediate outlet for–interesting things that don’t have any other home yet. I’ll also write about work in progress or interesting ideas that have come up in my teaching that I think might have a broader audience. Basically I want to share with others, whoever cares to read, what I find interesting or entertaining, and will frequently stray into areas a little outside my own specialisation. In a series of posts coming up soon I’ll try to describe the underpinnings of some of my thinking lately.  I’ll be starting with a test post of an old idea I had, and then continue manifesto-like with some background posts, and then move on from there.

So welcome to my head, and please don’t mind the mess!

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  1. julie

    The intrconnection of all things is the future – well done.

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